Enable Arabic Language Right to Left Interface in Odoo 14.0 installed on Windows.

Odoo RTL Interface

Waleed Mohsen

                            To enable right to left (RTL) Interface, you need to install rtlcss package as below:

                            1- Download and install nodejs

                            2- Install rtlcss:

                            C:\> npm install -g rtlcss

                            3- Edit the System Environments variable PATH to add the folder where rtlcss.cmd is located (typically: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\npm\).

                            4- Activate and Update the Arabic Language from Settings -> Languages and once finished click on switch to Arabic & Close button.

                            The translation will be uploaded, if the interface not changed to right to left, you need to invalidate the assets to recompute it and the better way to that to enable debug=assets. Just enable developer mode and from settings -> General settings and click on Activate the developer mode (with assets)